Healthcare Innovation

Studio 1 Labs defines a culture of innovation and opportunity for exponential technologies. We develop complete solutions in-house including fabric sensors, hardware electronics, software applications, and advanced analytics

Canadian Headquaters

IBM – Markham Convergence Centre, Toronto, Canada

Studio 1 Labs is a Canadian technology company with worldwide patent review inventiveness of fabric sensor technology, used for an intelligent bed sheet patient monitoring system to measure vital signs without requiring any attachments to the body.

We made an intelligent bed sheet that can accurately monitor patient health and vital signs without requiring any attachments to the body.

Clinical trials have completed with high success of validation against gold standard comparisons with regulatory approved medical devices and clinical nursing protocols. Clinical data outputs full electronic health record systems with integrated AI solutions to predict onset clinical emergencies and diseases.

Healthcare Innovation: Smart Medical Devices, Advanced Analytics, Prediction of Health Emergencies

Studio 1 Labs is supported by SOSCIP, NSERC, NRC, FedDev, Ontario Centres of Excellence, Accelerator Centre, Innovation York, ventureLAB, Communitech, IBM, CENGN, and multiple academic institutions on building solutions using transformative and exponential technologies. Patent portfolios are administered by Ridout & Maybee LLP.

We build domestic and global relations by combining resources, raising funds, and solving our world’s greatest problems.

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